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Human Rights

The mission of the Human Rights Office is carried out by groups who participate in spiritual formation, education, action and advocacy. Charity and justice are two distinct components of human rights. Both encompass compassionate caring for the oppressed, the poor and the vulnerable. Both define our call to live out the Gospel of Godís love and reconciliation. Yet they differ in scope, in method, in goals. Complementary, yes. The same, no. Charity responds to an immediate need and provides direct service such as food, clothing or shelter. Often a private and individual act of caring, it is directed toward the effects of social injustice. Charity is satisfying and is generally non-controversial. Charity alone, however, is only part of social mission of the Catholic church. We must go deeper to forge vibrant, healthy, and abundant new life. We must ask more questions. This is the work of justice. While charity deals with immediate needs, justice addresses long-term conditions, promoting social change in institutions, policies and systems. Justice is public, political, and oriented to collective action for change.

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